How the Swap Works

Any used ski and snowboard equipment brought to a Swap must be in good to excellent condition to be accepted for sale. If the equipment is several years old we strongly suggest you bring it to choice of Swaps and have it looked at by our staff to see if it is suitable for resale.  Generally, older “straight skis and rear entry boots” are no longer in demand, regardless of condition and are not accepted for resale.
We reserve the right to refuse any equipment that is deemed non-serviceable or un-saleable.

Prerequisite to entering your equipment into ANY of the swaps is your availability to pick up your cheque and/or unsold equipment at the time outlined in the “Read me, I’m Important” letter which will be issued with your tracking receipt. If you cannot make the prescribed pick up as outlined you may want to reconsider if you should enter your equipment!

There is a $2.00 registration charge per item and a 25% selling commission (before taxes) on all sales. The selling price is set by the owner of the equipment and may not be changed once it has been set and accepted.

At the end of the Swap you must pick up your equipment and/or your cheque at either the host venue or if predetermined at another location as outlined in the “Read me, I’m Important” letter issued with your tracking receipt.

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